No claim of accuracy is or can be made. Service intervals, check points and product recommendations are all solicited. Harrison oil radiator Model HE431-9, P/N 40601 and adapter P/N 4763 4 NOTE 4. Not configured for electric start. The shipping and work done by div co is alone. R – Restoring, Reskinning, etc. The C85-S/T series single rod, single acting, conforms to ISO 6432 and CETOP RP52P. It has about 200 hrs. I recently noticed oil dripping from the tachometer cable where it enters the accessory case on my Aeronca Champ. C $60.15 shipping. Continental C85 engine. Pulled from O-200A so is either P/N A50351 or A50352, not sure which.” Brand:Continental Manufacturer Part … Q&A. Continental C85 Camshaft. The C85 series engines are similar to the corresponding C75 series except for rating and a different carburetor $4400. C $274.49; Buy It Now; Calculate Shipping ; From United States; Customs services and international tracking provided. or Best Offer . Parts Included with C85/0200 Kit - C85-STC-1 (1) 653012 1 New Continental 0200 Crankshaft (4) AEC530348 New 0200 Pistons (4) STC Rods - O-200 Yellow tag Rods (overhauled, outright) (1) C85/O200 STC ONLY - C85-STC C85/0200 STC paperwork . New and perfect! I started it first time w 40 weight oil about May 25th & had a little trouble getting oil pressure. Can I do any damage to the valves by doing this? I anticipate … So here's your options. The original data plate has been lost, but serial number is on paper work, which will be included. It was time to change the seal. Swift STCs; Swift Field Approvals ; Contact; You are here: Home / Technical Data / The Monty Archives / C - Continentals, Cowlings, etc. Turboprop and Jet Engine Parts P&W PT6A and JT15, Allison/Rolls Royce 250, Lycoming, Turbomeca and others . C $521.36. Oil tank, mags and carb included as shown below. Complain “Flange needs cleaning, scratched paint, patched dent in lower corner. Continental motors C85 Pdf User Manuals. Add to Cart. The C75-8 series engines are similar to the C75-12 and C85-12 series except that they do not incorporate provisions for generator and starter drives. We have significant operations on three continents, a global supply chain, highly experienced teams, and outstanding MRO capabilities in Continental Services™. No logs. Added 6/12/13 Click on photos for a larger view. I added a F & M full flow oil filter. With fixed pitch propellers, the only way to get to the higher RPMs is by shortening the blades, or flattening the pitch. It is not corroded in the cylinders and it was stored in a dry climate and area. CRANKSHAFT OIL SEALS - CONTINENTAL 24321 Crank Oil Seals - Continental #24321 for A-65 and C-85, Taper Shaft. A unique rod packing design prevents entry of dust and the effectiveness of the seal is such that the C85 is suitable for use in extremely dusty environments. Continental A&C-Series Aircraft Engines Parts Interchangeability Catalogue Note: This document is an electronic version of a historical document, not an official publication. V – Valves, etc. Continental O-190 (interne Bezeichnung C75 und C85) ist eine Baureihe von Vierzylinder boxermotoren des US-amerikanischen Herstellers Continental Motors.Sie produzieren Leistungen von 56 kW (76 PS) beziehungsweise 63 kW (86 PS).. Beide Varianten sind in Bezug auf Zylinderbohrung, Kolbenhub und Kompression identisch. Subject: [f-AA] Leaning Continental C85 engine > I need some advise regarding leaning during taxi. Your Name Your Email Your Phone Place Order. I am offering a New Continental C85, 90, O200 Oil Pump Drive Gear, PN 22354. It’s an enterprise we believe contributes hugely to the well-being of every American. Aircraft / Avionics Orders: (800) 447-3408. an order with a Teledyne Continental Authorized Distri- butor. SMOH when 4 new Millenium cylinders were installed. Of flat-four configuration, the engines produced 75 hp (56 kW) or 85 hp (63 kW) respectively. option 1. Prices are subject to change without notice. W – Wt & Bal, Windows, Wet Wings, etc. Harrison oil radiator Model HE431-9, P/N 40601 and adapter P/N 4763 4 NOTE 4. O200 Series Engines Library Contents; X30012 : M-0: X30010: X30011 : A65, A75, C75, C85, C90 and O-200 series Engine Operator's Manual The C85 is available in bore sizes 8mm through 25mm. Continental Motors, Inc. (von 1929 bis 1969 Continental Motors Corporation, von 1969 bis 2011 Teledyne Continental Motors) ist ein US-amerikanischer, in Mobile (Alabama) ansässiger Hersteller von Flugzeugtriebwerken.Seit 2011 gehört Continental zum chinesischen Staatskonzern AVIC. It was originally spun off from automobile engine manufacturer Continental Motors Company in 1929 and owned by Teledyne Technologies from 1969 until December 2010. Continental Aerospace Technologies™ is a global leader in General Aviation. 1 Continental C75 C85 C90 O-200a,b Oil Sump Assembly Either P/n A50351 Or A50352 on C $21.81 shipping. CONTINENTAL 4546 CAMSHAFT, CERTIFIED SERVICEABLE, YELLOW TAG. Highest Quality Products Coast to Coast. Used 85 Horsepower Continental. S – Spark Plugs, Spinners, Seats etc. JUMP TO. I am not an expert. So far I have not had any plug fouling detected > during run up. They retail for $360. SAVE Last Update: 05/22/2019. Prompt Quotes - Big Discounts - 95% Same-Day Shipment! Home | About Chief Aircraft | Orders | Avionics Shop | Customer Service . The braided construction reduces kinking and twisting when reeling. Continental Aerospace Technologies is an aircraft engine manufacturer located at the Brookley Aeroplex in Mobile, Alabama, United States. From United States; Continental C-85, C-90 & O-200 Exhaust Rocker Arm P/N 639615. Would be interested in forum users practice with this A/C and especially for the A-65 engine. C $1,107.89. The case is in excellent condition. 1-4. C $345.40. These are new in the box, sealed in plastic and covered with oil as a preservative. At Continental Resources, we find and produce oil and natural gas, exclusively in the United States. 0 Reviews 1 Answered Question. or Best Offer. Continenta Motors Maintenance Manuals. Submit. I need to taxi about a > mile to the active runway at SMX and so I set the mixture control on lean > during the one mile taxi. T – Trim, Tires, Tach, Tailwheel, etc. There are also equal numbers of different caps for the oil sumps. P – Props, Painting, Pitot-Static etc. JUMP TO; Overview; Reviews; Q&A; View in Catalog ; Overview. Continental has been at the forefront of flexible hose technology, predominantly in the marine environment, for well over 60 years. Air Power Inc (877) 278-2210 (877) 278-2284 ; Compare. Submit a Review. Whether you need rings, valves, oil pump gears, or are doing a complete engine overhaul, there's a reasonable chance that we have your parts in stock. CONTINENTAL OIL SCREEN - A3568 . The div co identifying stamps are on spine of case and match paper work. Review (mpn: C85-12 for sale) C85-12 CONTINENTAL Crankcase. The smooth cover has low drag resistance. (1) 1 product ratings - Continental Valve Cover 40762 New O-200 C90 C85 A75 A65 O – Oil Cooler, etc. Continental A-65 Maintenance Purchased an Aeronca Chief recently and am now setting up a long term maintenance program for it. The C85 series engines are similar to t he corresponding C75 series except for rating and a different carburetor setting. Continental Factory-New FAA Certified, 360 cubic inch displacement, six cylinder, fuel injected engine, rated at 200-225hp.

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