Try as he might lion could not defend himself. Makucha is a male leopard who resided in the Back Lands. She accepts, and sets off with him. ses oreilles sont roses et noirs. Ses coussinets sont bruns-rouges. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It seems after his encounter with the Lion Guard a few times, he knows he wasn't matched against them as they keep entering his territory. Makucha échappe à la Garde du Roi Lion Makucha poursuit Ajabu sur une longue distance jusqu'à la Terre des Lions. Bad His inner ears are light pink, rimmed with black and a single rosette on the back of each. Makucha is also very cunning and greedy, just like Janja before he reformed, wanting to find the Tree of Life so he can eat rare and exotic animals who are easy to find and catch, because they are sick or injured, showing no respect for the circle of life. Il est le chef de son propre clan. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. "Fuli and Makini are tasked with escorting one of the Pride Lands’ wisest animals, a tortoise named Kongwe, to Pride Rock. Malgré tout, il n'est pas si fou ou arrogant. The spots on his face and neck are smaller and solid-colored. ", "So leopards say hello with their teeth?". Lion Guard Makucha VS Fuli The Wisdom of Kongwe HD Clip. Claws When he feels that someone has wronged him, he can be severely vengeful. He serves the main antagonist of Season 3 of Pooh's Adventures of The Lion Guard, though not encountering them during that season due to the events of … He tries to drive them off, but, after a fight, he reluctantly allows the Lion Guard to pass through his territory. Honestly he found it somewhat amusing his child was so eager to follow along. With the Lion Guard distracted, Makucha sneaks away to Dhahabu. Species He was the leader of his own leap and now his army. Makucha is a male leopard that resides in the Back Lands. He serves as the main antagonist in Season 3. Makucha's Army, also known as the Army of Predators is an army of evil animals led by Makucha and Mama Binturong. Gender In The Harmattan, he initial offer to escort the Lion Guard out of his territory to get rid of them knowing that he and his leap can't take them down. The Lion Guard discover the secret behind Dhahabu's disappearing water. Lorsqu'il se retrouve confronté aux autres, il est féroce et prêt à se battre mais se montre aussi d'une arrogance désinvolte. Makucha's Army, also known as the Army of Predators or Mama Binturong's Army is an army of evil animals led by Makucha and Mama Binturong. Makucha appears when Kion and the Lion Guard are passing through his territory in the Back Lands. When an enemy encounters him on his home turf, he is fully capable of working in a team and using their numbers to even out the odds. "Triumph of the Roar" Mama Binturong has Smun gather Makucha's Leap and Ora's Group to help fight the Lion Guard and the Night Pride. He is voiced by Andrew Kishino, who also voiced Janja in the same series. Nicknames “Ghost of the Mountain” When Chulunn is defeated by the Lion Guard, Makucha approaches her, and offers her a place in his army. Makucha is a stocky, well-built leopard with incredible agility and physical strength. Makucha est un mâle léopard qui vit sur les Terres Reculées. After Makucha loses, the Guard continues on their journey. They are led by Mama Binturong. Makucha poursuit Ajabu sur une longue distance jusqu'à la Terre des Lions. Leopard Sa longue queue est zébré noir et blanc. Les taches sur son visage et son cou sont plus petites et entièrement noires. Though Ajabu continually evaded him, Makucha eventually caught up to him, only to be driven off by the Lion Guard. Wikia La Garde du Roi Lion est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Télévision. We both have a score to settle with the Lion Guard. Ils exigent qu'il quitte la Terre des Lions, mais Makucha répond qu'ils devront le vaincre pour ça. They are the main antagonists of … He looked over at the lioness cowering to the side of them. Ono? Tandis que Thurston et les autres zèbres paniquent et fuient, Ajabu dit avec surprise qu'il en pensait pas qu'il le suivrait jusqu'ici. Mama Binturong takes care of a little group of porcupines. Il retrouve plus tard Ajabu pendant que celui-ci parle avec Thurston et s'approche discrètement. Kion Bunga Fuli Beshte Ono Makucha Thurston Kwato Ema Adia It was a calm day in the Pride Lands. Il rugit fréquemment et grogne pour exprimer sa colère. His paw pads are red-brown. Ses yeux sont verts sur fond jaune foncé. After a short fight Makucha pinned the lion to the ground. Makucha's army is a group of animals bent on invading the Tree of Life. Happy to see the leopards and komodo dragons. Triumph of the Roar Fahari helps Makucha's Army fight the Night Pride and the Lion Guard. Leopard (by Kion). His fur is a pale lemon color, and his rosettes are outlined with brown and black. Meaning 1 Episode Galleries 1.1 Season One 1.2 Season Two 1.3 Season Three 2 Screenshots 3 General Gallery The Imaginary Okapi The Golden Zebra The Wisdom of Kongwe The Harmattan Ghost of the Mountain Dragon Island The River of Patience Little Old Ginterbong Long Live the Queen The Lake of Reflection Triumph of the Roar Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Ono le voit scruter les gazelles puis la Garde du Roi Lion vient lui faire face. The Lion Guard manages to fend off each of Makucha's fellow leopards, but Makucha threatens to eat Dhahabu, if they get any closer to the waterhole. “Or so the lion guard says, I warned you very clearly about what would happen if you kept following that path.” The lion’s claws clenched and Makucha knew exactly what he was implying. Their goal was to get revenge on Lion Guard and go to the Tree of Life to eat every rare, exotic, weak, injured, and sick animal inhabitants living there. Sa fourrure est jaune pâle et ses taches sont marrons entourées de noir. lionguard, ships, lionking. Makucha At Urembo River, Fuli and Makini are … Makucha decided. Ce à quoi Makucha répond que les okapis sont très rares et qu'il est donc logique de les poursuivre quand on en trouve. He tries to drive them off, but, after a fight, he reluctantly allows the Lion Guard to pass through his territory but warns them to make it quick. He is a ferocious Komodo dragon bent on eating anyone that comes onto his island, who later joins Makucha 's Army to get revenge on the Lion Guard and reach the Tree of Life. He then says that he'll follow them to the Tree of Life. Il s'enfuit alors et est immédiatement poursuivit par la Garde, mais il parvint à les semer en sautant par dessus un grand ravin. Makucha tourne son corps pour se retrouver face à Bunga et commente en disant qu'il espère que son goût sera meilleur que son odeur. Read makucha x kion from the story My lion king/guard ships by hellocatlovers (J) with 200 reads. c'est un prédateur impitoyable qui ne fléchit pas avant d'avoir réussit à capturer sa proie. Makucha was discussed at the lion. He gets defeated because Kion uses the Roar of the Elders on him and blasts him far far away from the Tree of Life. This made some fans believe that he had some good inside of him and he would reform, but apparently this is quite false. Back Landers (formerly)Makucha's Army The Night Pride arrives, and Kion leads the two teams in their attack. Makucha asked the moment they were a good distance away from Chuluun's den. Makucha shows up refuses to share and when the guard start to confront him he reveals he bought in his leap who immediately attack the guard. He serves as the main antagonist of the third and final season of The Lion Guard. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. Makucha appears when the Lion Guard is passing through his territory in the Back Lands. The larger leopard had greater strength, while Jiwe was such a young cub, Makucha kept a close eye on his offspring, knowing he had better speed.

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